In our effort to provide the most flexible and useful solution to our clients, we are focused on open source software, which allows flexible problem solving, reduces total costs and increases efficiency.

Business Processes Management

Business processes generate revenue and often represent a significant share of costs. Thus they must be administered and streamlined in the possibly most efficient way.

System for Business Processes Management (BPM) is a "tool" that allows the possibility for automating and managing business processes wherefrom tasks and information could be transferred between different participants in the workflow in accordance with a set of rules which subsequently allows adequate measurement and optimization of processes.

Management of Documents

Companies of today face major challenges in their effort to respond adequately to the needs of their customers and partners in the rapidly changing business environment as they need to manage thousands and sometimes millions of documents created in the natural course of the process. This undoubtedly gives rise to the need of a powerful tool for efficient management of the documents in the company.

We provide solutions for managing the documents by means of all services necessary for creating, revising, administering and sharing electronic documents. These solutions are sufficiently flexible hence could be used by small businesses as well as by big corporations and state institutions.

Customer and Supplier Relationship Management (CSRM)

In order to appropriately manage relationships with customers and suppliers, businesses need to collect accurate information about their partners and to organise it for analysis and follow-up. This information must be kept and updated and also it should be accessible to staff that subsequently is to turn it into products and services better adapted to customers' needs.

Business Intelligence

BI is a set of methods and technologies with which to assess and analyse data of very different kind, nature and origin. It is not the volume of data but the knowledge of the underlying relationships that is crucial. BI allows you to make sections of related databases and tables in the most appropriate way to use. For instance, the methods and means that we use, enable us to make a report that links and analyses data regarding the production of several companies within a holding entity, installed on separate data bases and even on separate servers.

The methods and technologies used in BI allow you to get such reports so as to be able just to do your work, and not to wait for your colleagues to make the relevant references about the corresponding companies, and you to analyse and combine these.


ERP (Enterprise Resourse Planning) is an integrated system of software designed for planning, information and control of all activities and processes being performed in an enterprise or company. By provision of an uniform management, while simultaneously structuring the processes in the organisation, undoubtedly ERP is the best tool in the hands of managers.

The core point of our ERP solution is the functioning of an uniform database available on the Internet, and the acccess by users thereto is carried out by system's modules. The ERP system is a powerful tool for global examination and management of the overall business of the company.

Presence Control

Presence control systems are designed to register and archive the occurrence of going in and out of the site. An authorising interface could also be an ordinary keyboard for entering a PIN code. With the correct typing of a PIN code a record in the database of the date and time of the occurrence is made, and the relevant person is also shot by camera.

Data entered by video systems provide accurate reporting of the working time of each person. Snapshot archiving prevents mala fide manupilation of the system.


The portal is a frame for information and processes integration in a company or organisation. It provides information from different sources in an uniform way. The portal provides a secure single point of access as a web-based user interface and is designed to personalise information through application-specific ways. A distinctive feature of corporate portals is the decentralised contribution to the contents creation and administration thus enabling the constant relevance of the information.

The benefit of the portal is that you get information in a consolidated form and in a manner that allows you to do your work without wasting time to search the information you need jumping from window to window in your browser and wondering whether this information is relevant.

Industrial CCTV

A system provides control over the facility by monitoring and video recording of occurrences that can be stored over time and analysed. The use of a CCTV system can optimize the production process, can prevent the likelihood of accidents and bring objectivity to the access regime. Protection against abuse and thefts is also being realised through CCTV.

Security systems are effective when they are installed on time, are designed according to the characteristics of the facility, and securely store the information. The CCTV system increases the detection of fraud and restricts the unauthorized access to the facility. The availability of cameras brings about the increase in the quality of production.