We offer a complete service through which we provide a solution to managers and owners of enterprises to plan, administer and monitor the activities in their companies. The solution presupposes steady and adequate development. The main tools for implementing the service represent a set of specially developed and web-based software applications, also including ERP systems, combined with staff training and implementation of corporate of management and control methods.

Consulting Services

Consulting during implementation of our integrated system is a recommeded process in order business processes (accounting, logistic or manufacturing) to be set up to the highest degree of efficiency.


Development of specific software that comprises peculiarities of client’s activities in order to provide customised solutions in accordance with the needs and requirements of the specific client.


Union Industry JSC provides complete technical assistance and maintenance of all its products. We guarantee high quality of our software, we constantly take care of its development, we offer warranty and non-warranty service.

We will respond to all questions you may have, we will assist you with arisen problems during installation or exploitation of our systems.


Since the services we offer are integrated, we provide highly qualified assistance during the implementation of our products. It pertains not only to the provision of software and hardware.

We also provide initial set-up of accounting, logistic and manufacturing business processes in a way consistent with the provision of maximum throughput and return on your investments.


The training we provide for the work with our integrated system enables your officers not to guess how to do their work and not to train one another. The training we provide is performed at a centre, certified by the National Agency for Vocational Education and Training. (NAVET).