Union Industry

Union Industry JSC was founded in 2009 and is located in the city of Varna. We are specialised in the design work and development of business solutions that provide the necessary superiority of our clients.

Our main activity at Union Industry JSC is consultation, designing, realization and implementation of integrated management, analysis and monitoring systems customised for our clients.

We provide our clients with reliable and secure optimisation and resources and activities management within an unified integrated platform called Union Project.

As irreconcilable adherents of innovation in the field of information technologies and business management, we strive to assist our clients in a most effective way with the utilization of the power of modern technologies for better productivity in the business field.


Demetra Consult

Consulting in the development and implementation of a management system in accordance with internationally recognised standards

Master Finance

Stockbrokerage, investment and fiscal management

Invest Commerce - Emil Ivanov EOOD

Consulting services regarding evaluation of investment projects in the field of construction and construction supervision during building

Labour Management

Human resources management


Accounting services

Why Union Industry?

We offer to our clients an entirely individual approach for the solution of their problems by using already existing components, mainly based on open source code software, by developing and adding new components that should completely meet clients' needs. This correspondingly means high productivity at reasonable cost.

We cooperate with our clients in order to allow new solutions to be integrated along with the applications that they use to date. That provides an integral solution for the business.

Main clients

Master Trans

Transportation of goods, supply of materials, collection and disposal of waste, unstopping and cleaning sewages and also cleansing chemical apparatus with high-pressure water.


Construction of industrial and civil sites from 1st to 5th category, construction and assembly works regarding readjustment, reconstruction or modernisation of built-up sites.


Industrial cleansing.

Master Unity

Mechanical repairs, maintenance and implementation of modifying repairs of industrial facilities.

Demo Plast

Production of furniture.